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Developing Alternative Technologies

Rockwood and its subsidiaries have a long history of developing “greener” alternative technologies for use in a wide variety of industries, such as energy, coatings and construction. These products offer a functional equivalent to existing products or processes, but have been developed to minimize environmental impact by eliminating toxic chemicals, reducing harmful emissions or supporting new environmentally friendly processes.

Lithium Batteries
Energizer Lithium Batteries

Optiflo Associative Thickeners
Thickeners for water-based systems

Rockwood Lithium and Lithium Compounds Power the Future
Lithium is the lightest metal with unique electrochemical properties that make it ideal for advanced batteries, including batteries for the next generation hybrid electric or all-electric vehicles.

Rockwood Lithium has working relationships with auto and battery manufacturers and continues to work with manufacturers throughout the auto supply chain as well as university researchers to advance the development and production of efficient and affordable batteries for next generation vehicles.

Rockwood Lithium pioneered the extraction of lithium from brine at Silver Peak, NV, and now produces, in the US, much of the lithium metal used in lithium primary batteries. The company works regularly with battery manufacturers, auto companies and their suppliers to help them understand supply issues and to develop the battery compounds that will make lithium ion batteries a practical technology for advanced electric vehicles.

Rockwood Lithium now supplies lithium out of raw material resources in Chile and Nevada. The company currently supplies about 30% of the world’s need for lithium carbonate.

Rockwood Lithium Replaces Toxic Salts in Energy Storage
One significant example of this can be found in the energy storage industry. Rockwood Lithium has patented LiBOB, a chemical conductive agent that is an effective alternative to toxic, fluorine salts used in large lithium ion batteries and battery packs.






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